Unmasking the thugs of the world

– Evangelical Christian, former terrorist, exposes the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been blunt in naming the enemies of Israel. To the news media, at the United Nations and at every public forum, he has employed a frank strategy of identifying those inciting and funding terrorism and acquiring weapons of mass destruction. This […]

The Midrash* on the Mount

– Was Jesus at odds with the rabbis? Gabriel A. Goldberg, M.A. Too often, the Sermon on the Mount has been interpreted by Christian commentators as a lesson on the superiority of Jesus’ teachings over those of the rabbis, of the Law of Christ over the Law of Moses. Or, more bluntly, of Christianity over […]

A Letter to the Editor

On one subject the world is united: Pressuring Israel to give up land (which was conquered in a war begun by her enemies) in order to create a never-before-seen terrorist entity. Pointing out the world’s hypocrisy, a liberal Israeli reader wrote to The Jerusalem Post:     Preconditions Although I am willing to accept a […]

Men are better than women

– According to Islam, a woman is her husband’s prisoner and must obey him Imam Muhammad Sayyed Adly, Director, Islamic Center of South Carolina, USA In a Friday sermon delivered in Columbia, South Carolina, on August 11, 2017, Egyptian-American cleric Muhammad Sayyed Adly said the man owns the woman and women should be “as prisoners in […]

Arabs defending Israel

A tsunami of people are siding with Israel. Not just Israelis, Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians, but Muslim Arabs, too. Yael Eckstein writes (The Jerusalem Post, October 3, 2017) that she went to the mourning tent of an Arab-Israeli family in the village of Abu Ghosh west of Jerusalem. Suheir Ottman’s son, Youssef, a security […]

Peace in the Middle East

We believe in peace, the Heavenly, eternal kind foretold in the Bible. But couldn’t there be some peace on earth now already? Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Yemen are hotbeds of violence. Other Middle East nations are actively exporting terror. Jews across the region have been attacked for the past century. The anthropologist Philip Carl Salzman […]

Blessings beget blessings

– A story of God’s faithfulness in high places Two years ago I received a call from a friend, a newspaper publisher, who invited me to a dinner with the governor of the State of Indiana, who would be visiting Israel for Christmas. So on December 25, my wife Hadassah and I came to a […]

A sorry story from Sweden

Situated 640 kilometers (395 mi.) north of Stockholm, a tragic story has been developing in the city of Umeå (oo-may-AWE). Its remote location makes it the most unlikely of places for an outbreak of anti-Semitism, yet it is exactly that which has made the city the subject of hundreds of news stories worldwide. The eight […]

Israel helps – and is blessed

– “Do not oppress a stranger” Exodus 23:9 The Rambam Hospital in Haifa, like most hospitals in Israel, doesn’t only serve Jewish patients. Half or more are Arabs. And what may be even more surprising to readers is that many of them are Arabs from Gaza, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). At Rambam, 1,200 […]

Helping the needy in times fraught with fear

It was Friday morning, July 14, a few minutes before seven, at the Kotel, the ancient Temple Prayer Wall in Jerusalem. Surrounded by hundreds of Jews praying in the cool morning air, I had joined them and would soon be finished. I was reading the names of several hundred friends worldwide who had contacted us […]