The great Nakba – whose tragedy?

Each year on May 15, Palestinian Arabs commemorate the Nakba (“catastrophe”), when 750,000 Arabs left their homes in Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem and other towns and villages in May 1948. The Jews are blamed for expelling the Arabs, rendering them homeless refugees, and declaring the Jewish state, Israel. This view has been repeated so often it […]

Scapegoating Israel

For the past 28 years, UN Watch, a Swiss non-governmental organization (NGO), has been “monitoring the performance of the United Nations by the yardstick of its own Charter.” The results confirm suspicions. Despite massive evidence of horrifying human rights violations in some countries (China, Iran and North Korea), the voting record of the 193 member […]

Genocide in Gaza?

It is one of the most heinous charges thrown at Israel. And it is reiterated in almost every speech calling for the destruction of Israel. The accusation states that the Jewish state is committing genocide by murdering Palestinian Arabs. And yet, it is utterly false. In few words, Michael Dickson exposes the absurdity of unfactual […]

Jerusalem’s survival as the Jewish capital threatened

Say what you want about former US President Donald Trump, but Israel can only be grateful. During his presidency, Jerusalem was finally recognized as the historical capital located in Israel, the US Embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights was recognized, among other decisions. Since 1995, when […]

When the world fails, God prevails

I recall Billy Graham once saying, when he was a guest on “The Merv Griffin Show,” a popular American TV talk show, “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Rev. Graham was quoting his wife, Ruth, who had first made the remark in 1965. They were commenting on the […]

Of snails and sensors

The phenomenal success of Israel in pioneering technology in medicine, computing, agriculture and numerous other fields is known globally. So is the role Israel plays in rescue missions to save lives when disasters strike, whether tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes or building collapses. A local story is part of that success. Nearly 25 years ago, when we […]

A small voice in Sweden influences millions of TV viewers

In the last edition of HASHIVAH, we enclosed a report on the terrorist attacks on Israel out of Gaza last May. We also urged readers to respond by contacting opinion-makers to demand fair reporting. Mrs. I.D. in Sweden took our appeal to heart. She chose not to remain silent. She loves Israel deeply. On her […]

“What’s your tribe?”

A woman once asked me, “Does the pattern and color of your kippah [or yarmulke, skullcap] represent your tribe?” She was referring to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and must have thought kippah designs were similar to Scottish tartans that identify clans. “No, it’s a matter of personal taste,” I answered. In fact, the different […]

Preserving power the PA way

Mahmoud Abbas, the wily 85-year-old politician who has ruled the Palestinian Authority since taking power on January 15, 2005, owes his longevity to the use of brute force. The news media are controlled and critics are suppressed, or worse. Abbas has a sordid past. He helped fund the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre. According to Russian […]

When rockets fall and synagogues burn

Jerusalem, May 21, 2021   By the time you see this, the skies over Israel will probably be quiet again and our normal lives will have resumed. To date, 4,340 rockets from Gaza have been fired at Israel’s civilians, landing as far north as Tel Aviv and as far south as Eilat. On May 10, […]