The holiest day

In the Jewish calendar, the holiest days are Shabbat (the Sabbath) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). Both are prescribed for Jews by the Torah. Shabbat begins Friday night at sundown, ending Saturday night an hour after sunset. Candles are lit marking the onset of the seventh day. A prayer service is conducted at […]

“Love thy neighbor as thyself”

Nadav Ben Yehuda and Aydin Irmak _ At age 24 in 2012, Nadav Ben Yehuda was a law student in Rehovot. He was also Israel’s most successful mountain climber, having scaled the world’s highest and most perilous peaks, some solo and without supplemental oxygen. Still, he had yet to conquer Mount Everest. In the spring […]

Our connection with Ukraine

Our graphic artist, Y., formerly of Jerusalem, lives in Kharkiv in Ukraine, which has been under daily bombardment since Russian attacks began on February 24. He writes us when he has an internet connection. Recently he wrote: “The situation is serious. Instead of 50 shellings a day, now it is 60.” Just before the holidays, […]

Rearranging the chairs

An acquaintance of mine in Jerusalem leads guided tours of historical Jewish communities across Europe for Israelis. Some years ago, he boasted that Moscow was his favorite destination and that Jews there are the safest of all the Jews in Europe. My view was that he was misguided and reacting to a temporary phenomenon. The […]

In every generation, the Eternal delivers us

News reports worldwide have told of the “wave of terror” sweeping across Israel. Messages from our readers assured us of their prayers for our safety and urged us to be careful. We are grateful for every expression of concern. It is true that in Israel it is wise to always be on guard, watchful. We […]

Israel’s army has room for everyone

One of the most successful and highly trained armies in the world is the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Most Jewish men and women must serve, but there are also ranks for Bedouin, Druze, Christian- and Muslim-Arab citizens who want to wear the Israeli uniform. Often overlooked, however, are citizens with disabilities ranging from autism to […]

A humble voice for Israel among the Swiss people

The Rev. Dr. Edeltraud S. Leidig, 82, died in Männedorf, Switzerland, on March 14 this year after a brief bout with the coronavirus. Though she left no family to survive her, she had a vast family of admirers in Europe and in Israel, many of whom simply knew her as Edeltraud. She was born in […]

Fifty years and counting

When Dr. Hillel Goldberg and his wife Leah started this work from their basement office in 1972, they wanted to inform people about Bible truths regarding Israel and to correct people’s misconceptions about the Jews. They had no notion of where such a humble beginning would lead. Half a century later, they can look back […]

Does the world know what Israel is really doing?

In a stirring essay by Israeli David M. Weinberg, a government/foreign affairs think-tank director originally from Canada, he questions if the world knows the real Israel. –Ed. The UN continues to slander Israel with reports containing ugly charges of “ethnic cleansing,” “apartheid” and other fictitious atrocities against the Palestinians. Meanwhile, in the real world, Israeli […]

Palestinians prefer Israeli rule to Palestinian rule

Despite daily accusations from “official” sources saying Israel practices apartheid, illegal land grabs, genocide, even the slaughter of children, ordinary Palestinians have a different perspective. The Palestinian News Network released results of a poll of Palestinian-Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem asking under whose rule they preferred to live. An astonishing 93 percent of them–none of […]