When rockets fall and synagogues burn

Jerusalem, May 21, 2021   By the time you see this, the skies over Israel will probably be quiet again and our normal lives will have resumed. To date, 4,340 rockets from Gaza have been fired at Israel’s civilians, landing as far north as Tel Aviv and as far south as Eilat. On May 10,

Brave new world

We are witnesses to a Brave New World that not even the British novelist Aldous Huxley could have imagined in 1932, when he penned his nightmarish vision of a future society. • Bill Gates, the third most-wealthy man in the world, wants to solve global warming by a scientifically unproven notion of filling the atmosphere

Know your faithful ones

When someone makes a donation in order to bless Israel through one of the LEMA’AN ZION outreaches, he or she sacrifices part of their labor and time–actually part of their life! In this way they are, of course, returning it to God, for it is written, “it is He that gives you strength to get

A kangaroo court in The Hague?

Albert Einstein’s famous definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results–may be cliché, but it rings true. Having failed multiple times since 1948 to destroy Israel on the battlefield, its enemies have focused their efforts on weakening it through economic boycotts and sanctions. An additional tactic of the war against

Israel excels with innovative medical advances, technology and humanitarian aid

Israel was the first nation to share its supply of COVID-19 vaccinations with an outside population, namely with the Palestinian-Arabs. This belies media “reports” claiming Israel ignored them. Helping others, even sworn enemies, is nothing new for the Jewish state, whether through science, technology or direct aid. It bears witness to a millennia-old Jewish biblical

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