Thanking the Father for His blessings

Nissan Goldberg, my oldest cousin, died on New Year’s Eve, a victim of the coronavirus. He was born in Haifa seven decades ago, the son of a Holocaust survivor. His wife and two sons also tested positive. Yedioth Ahronoth reports that nine hundred Shoah survivors have died in Israel as a result of the virus

Israel number one in coronavirus vaccinations

Half of Israeli citizens have already received the coronavirus vaccine, a higher share than in any other country in the world. Tested recipients have virus antibodies six to 20 times higher than before being vaccinated. Why is Israel number one? National media campaigns stressed the safety of the vaccination program. Religious leaders and other influencers

We demand plain truth, not fantasies

Far too often, individuals and news media alike parrot words that are mere political fabrications or assumptions, and omit truth. No facts, just complications that make less sense from year to year. They twist or hide the true situation. Former US President Donald Trump called it fake news. By contrast, the real truth is typically

For the sake of peace, shouldn’t Israel allow a Palestinian state?

It is often asked by someone not familiar with details of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “Why all the war and suffering? Israel can’t expel millions of people. For the sake of peace, why doesn’t Israel just allow its Arabs to have a state of their own?” On the face of it, these are innocent questions, but

Three women and a man comment on women’s rights in the Muslim world

Certainly, the views expressed below are not those of every Muslim, nor are they pleasant to report. However, the fact they are aired and discussed so widely still today is evidence of their pervasiveness and that they are not just fringe beliefs. Indeed, with the rapid spread of Islam across Europe and elsewhere, they should

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