Building tunnels

It is certain that, through government taxes, most of our readers have contributed to the Hamas regime in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria). The Palestinians have received billions of dollars of aid to build communities and infrastructure and develop agriculture. But you must start at the bottom…and that’s […]

The miracle of genocide

It is an ancient truth that the first casualty of war is truth itself. Propaganda and disinformation are rampant. For decades, and particularly since last October 7, Israel has been accused of committing genocide in Gaza. But here’s the catch: The occupants of Gaza are the only supposed victims of extermination in history whose population […]

It should have been a happy weekend

On the way to the morning service on Saturday, October 7, my brother Gabriel told me dozens of rockets were being fired into Israel again from Gaza. It was not terribly unusual. There would be anger along the Gazan border for the Jewish residents of two dozen villages and towns, but we had to live […]

Who says Hamas does not represent the Palestinians?

USA President Joe Biden and others are claiming Hamas does not represent the Palestinians, but that is dangerously false. The reality is that, if an election were held in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority, 58 percent of voters would elect Hamas. Further, 71 percent of Palestinians favor forming armed groups to murder Israelis according to […]

Football, fighter jets and rockets

Diplomatic events of political, social or even religious nature often receive scant attention and are promptly forgotten. I want to share with you three that particularly impressed me by their significance. Sports friendship In June 2017, I was invited by ELNET (European Leadership Network) to watch a friendly soccer match in Jerusalem. I’m no longer […]

Messages from Arab Israelis

Among the 1,400 Jews murdered on October 7 were forty Arabs who sacrificed their lives while protecting or saving Jews. Following are stories and voices of Arab Israelis. –Ed. Awad Darawshe, 23, a paramedic working for Yossi Ambulances, was from the Arab village Iksal near Nazareth. He was on duty at the Supernova Festival in […]

Now is the time

What should a Christian supporter of Israel do at this difficult time for the Jewish nation? Besides prayer and financial support, Christians need to stand up and be heard now. Tomorrow may be too late. And their message must be aligned with God’s principles. Bible believers should know why they have an obligation to stand […]

What is the real crisis?

The international news media are having a field day describing the current protests in Israel as a foundational crisis threatening democracy. Internal strife that could lead to tyranny or even fascism, they say. The fact that Israelis are marching either on behalf of, or in opposition to, judicial reform, is quite unique. In contrast, demonstrations […]

Behind the Headlines

Moroccan soldiers embraced us For decades, the relationship between Morocco and Israel has been one of quiet cooperation in military and intelligence matters. On July 17 this year, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognized Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara, Moroccan King Mohammed VI sent a warm, personal letter to Netanyahu inviting him to […]


For over fifty years, we have been involved in helping those in need, struggling victims of terror, ailing elderly and Holocaust survivors, ill widows and despaired orphans, immigrants from war-torn and impoverished nations. Think of this: The reports of terror attacks are forgotten in a few days, but the suffering of the victims can last […]