Coping with the end times

Forty percent of all American adults believe we are in the end times. So says the respected Pew Research Center (December 8, 2022). And 55 percent believe in Jesus’ return. For more than half of Americans, then, it is hoped their faith comforts them. Every generation has its crises. In the 1960s and ’70s, scientists […]

“Train up a child in the way he should go….” (Prov. 22:6)

When we were on overseas speaking tours in past years, we were often three generations of men traveling together. People who met us were touched by seeing a family united in service. Sometimes, that service extends beyond the scope of our own outreaches. Akiva Goldberg, 15, is the oldest of seven siblings. Several times, he […]

A spare-time tinkerer has big ambitions

Shaul Yaakoby had been an insurance company assessor in Israel for 25 years. He grew up on a kibbutz (a cooperative citrus farm) and never finished high school, but he spent his spare time building things. His inventions, including a water-purification system and a theft-proof car key, were patented. (Today, he has 14 more patents.) […]

The contradictory relationship of Europe with Israel

Since our inception 50 years ago, we have been moved by the love and compassion for Israel among our audiences worldwide, particularly among non-Jewish Bible believers. In Europe, however, that relationship with Israel has been uniquely impacted by the Holocaust, which was witnessed by so many. If we observed understanding among those we met in […]

At a meeting in Jerusalem…

on January 18, hosted by the European Leadership Network (ELNET) of Israel, Dr. Herbert Hillel Goldberg received a Senate Medallion from a delegation of 13 members of the Polish parliament and senate in Warsaw. Also mentioned was his story of forgiveness and reconciliation after the Holocaust. The guests included Deputy Speaker of the Senate Michał […]

On the other hand: Palestinian reports you didn’t hear about

Before the latest Israeli government had even been sworn in, world leaders were scolding Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition and warning him that the “two-state solution” is the only way to peace with the Palestinians. Most Israelis consider that “dinosaur diplomacy”: unrealistic, outdated and naïve. Some under-reported examples of the true situation […]

King David revived in the 21st century

A bouncy Hebrew chorus every Jewish child knows goes like this in English: “David, the King of Israel, lives, lives and lives on.” Engraved on a stele (a stone tablet), discovered east of the Dead Sea in 1868 and kept at the Louvre Museum in Paris, are references to King Mesha of Moab warring with […]

THE WORD – not words

From my father of blessed memory I learned during my youth that a man loses his purpose in life if he thinks only of himself without helping his fellowman. I realized that the truth for our sphere of life and our eternity is documented by God in the Bible. Still as a young man, when […]

The prospects for peace

“Turn away from evil and do good; ask for peace and pursue it” (Ps. 34:15); “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God” (Mat. 5:9). Just over two years ago, Israel signed the Abraham Accords with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Mediated by the United States during the […]

The good that Israel does

News reports in Israel are focused on post-election attempts to form a new government. Another coalition will be the result, albeit a temporary one. While politicians wrangle, however, in other areas Israel is making great strides forward. –Ed. Space Tech Water shortages are a problem worldwide. Europe is having the worst droughts in 500 years. […]