The news no parent ever wants to receive

My wife Hadassah sent me a message from the hospital this morning. The son of a good friend of hers had been killed by a rocket attack in Gaza. The mother had received the news no parent ever wants. Ironically, her name is Chaya (the feminine form of the Hebrew name Chayim, “life”). The son, […]

Prayer for Israel is the first step. Now what?

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, numerous party heads, senior politicians and two hundred members of parliament wearing a kippa (Jewish head-covering) join in a solidarity march against anti-Semitism, Stockholm, December 6, 2023._ _ The news media are flooded with reports about hysterical demonstrations around the world, often violent, condemning Israel. It doesn’t end there. As […]

What about the innocent civilians?

It must be stated clearly: The Muslim residents of Gaza who elected Hamas in 2006 knew they were voting for the terrorist organization that had been responsible for dozens of attacks across Israel. School children in buses, diners in restaurants, synagogue worshippers, babies in nurseries, shoppers in supermarkets, all of them civilians, were innocent victims […]

Arabs on Israel’s side

Amid the massive support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has nationwide (don’t believe the exaggerated reports by the agenda-driven news media about opposition to him) is an overlooked segment of the population: Israel’s Arab citizens. Scores of them, also Druze and Bedouins, were among the victims of Hamas, not only Jews. Many Arabs are torn […]

Breaking bread with British lords

Weeks ago, I was invited to a dinner hosting a delegation of nine British lords and a dozen European parliamentarians who were visiting Israel. They had come to express solidarity with the Jewish state after last year’s Hamas massacre. They had visited the ravaged communities in the south, as well as families whose relatives were […]

Building tunnels

It is certain that, through government taxes, most of our readers have contributed to the Hamas regime in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria). The Palestinians have received billions of dollars of aid to build communities and infrastructure and develop agriculture. But you must start at the bottom…and that’s […]

The miracle of genocide

It is an ancient truth that the first casualty of war is truth itself. Propaganda and disinformation are rampant. For decades, and particularly since last October 7, Israel has been accused of committing genocide in Gaza. But here’s the catch: The occupants of Gaza are the only supposed victims of extermination in history whose population […]

It should have been a happy weekend

On the way to the morning service on Saturday, October 7, my brother Gabriel told me dozens of rockets were being fired into Israel again from Gaza. It was not terribly unusual. There would be anger along the Gazan border for the Jewish residents of two dozen villages and towns, but we had to live […]

Who says Hamas does not represent the Palestinians?

USA President Joe Biden and others are claiming Hamas does not represent the Palestinians, but that is dangerously false. The reality is that, if an election were held in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority, 58 percent of voters would elect Hamas. Further, 71 percent of Palestinians favor forming armed groups to murder Israelis according to […]

Football, fighter jets and rockets

Diplomatic events of political, social or even religious nature often receive scant attention and are promptly forgotten. I want to share with you three that particularly impressed me by their significance. Sports friendship In June 2017, I was invited by ELNET (European Leadership Network) to watch a friendly soccer match in Jerusalem. I’m no longer […]