What is the real crisis?

The international news media are having a field day describing the current protests in Israel as a foundational crisis threatening democracy. Internal strife that could lead to tyranny or even fascism, they say. The fact that Israelis are marching either on behalf of, or in opposition to, judicial reform, is quite unique. In contrast, demonstrations […]

Behind the Headlines

Moroccan soldiers embraced us For decades, the relationship between Morocco and Israel has been one of quiet cooperation in military and intelligence matters. On July 17 this year, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recognized Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara, Moroccan King Mohammed VI sent a warm, personal letter to Netanyahu inviting him to […]


For over fifty years, we have been involved in helping those in need, struggling victims of terror, ailing elderly and Holocaust survivors, ill widows and despaired orphans, immigrants from war-torn and impoverished nations. Think of this: The reports of terror attacks are forgotten in a few days, but the suffering of the victims can last […]

The Oldest Hatred

It’s been called the Oldest Hatred and the most persistent one–anti-Semitism. Yet, there are positive movements afoot internationally to combat it. One can go back to Pharaoh, who wanted to deal craftily with the Jews because he feared them. He did not recall that Joseph the Jew had saved all Egypt from famine and benefitted […]

A unique voice

Over the years, LEMA’AN ZION has published numerous stories about Arabs and Muslims who view the Jewish State positively and engage in efforts to improve relations with it on a political, economic or religious basis. One such person is Imam Mohammad Tawhidi. My son Akiva and I met him this past May at the European […]

Ukrainian weapons end up in Iranian hands

Many people feel Ukraine should be supported generously with aid: food and medical supplies, housing, consulting, military supplies and far more. They believe Western nations must help alleviate Ukraine’s humanitarian needs, but they also believe the Russian attempt to restore a version of the Soviet Empire must be stopped now. Others are skeptical of Ukrainian […]

Age 102 and planning for the future …

When Passover, Easter and Ramadan take place at the same time, security-services officials know to be on high alert. The likelihood of violence is high. (That had been the case in April 2022, when the three holy feasts overlapped. There were 160 injuries and 400 arrests atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.) This year in […]

What’s behind the tumult in Israel?

Supporters of Israel have been distressed by recent pictures from Israel. Some even called us from overseas asking, “What is going on?” Vast crowds demonstrating in Tel Aviv. Mobs barricading major streets, setting fires. Riot police using water cannons. Talk of dictatorship. Even of civil war. This was due to the judicial reforms proposed by […]

In the past, Muslims esteemed the Bible record

It’s been two years since the publication of a 150-page book with the bland title, Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount, written by Islamic and Middle Eastern studies scholar Yitzhak Reiter and researcher Dvir Diamant. But if the title was uninspiring, the contents were explosive for Muslims, for Jews, and for Christians especially. The authors […]

US dollars fuel terror, not peace

Give a violent society money to improve the quality of people’s lives and they will become more peaceful. At least, that’s the theory. As people get jobs, earn and save more, raise larger families, build bigger homes and drive better cars, they have less time, and less desire, to engage in terrorism. For decades, this […]