Israel’s Best Friends Revealed

One of the characteristics of the United Nations is that votes against Israel are overwhelmingly skewed against the Jewish state. A typical example, repeated dozens of times each year, is a World Health Organization report last year (A69/B/CONF./1, May 24, 2016), and its aftermath. The report condemned Israel claiming medical services for Palestinian-Arabs were being […]

An Arab-Christian Diplomat and Attorney Speaks about Arabs, Jews and Peace

George Deek On September 27, 2014, at an event hosted by Med Israel for Fred (With Israel for peace) in the House of Literature, Oslo, a captivating speech was given by George Deek, an Arab-Christian who served as Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Israel in Norway. The text has been excerpted due to space […]

Blessing the Nations

The parents of a newborn baby had been advised by their local doctor in an Arab village east of Tel Aviv to have an abortion because their baby was developing intestines outside her body. But they refused. Recently, Israeli doctors in Jerusalem performed surgery on the 17-hour-old girl and put all the organs back in […]

Inspiring scenes in Israel

What do the following stories all have in common? A curious message was left on our answering machine in Jerusalem a few days ago: A store clerk called and said my father had been at the pharmacy and forgotten two shekels of change on the counter. If my father wanted the coin, he should come […]

Good News from Israel

Arabs choose Israel Mayor Dulan abu-Saleh, the leader of Majdal Shams, the largest Druze town on the Golan Heights, is angry…at the United Nations. For decades, the UN has condemned Israel for “imposing economic and social hardships on his community,” but the Arab mayor calls it a “total joke.” (Makor Rishon, July 29, 2016) He […]

Looking for words of peace from a peace partner

While world pressure on Israel to make more sacrifices for peace continues to build, Israel waits for a peace partner to appear. But so far, the Palestinian Authority is in absentia. At the United Nations in September, before an audience of nearly two hundred nations, an optimistic Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even invited PA […]

Human Rights at the United Nations

There may be some bad-apple nations, but surely the 191 countries represented at the United Nations can be relied on to promote human rights and peace and human progress? The UN General Assembly passed 20 resolutions last year condemning Israel for supposed violations. Most dealt with Israel’s presence in biblical Judea and Samaria (so-called West […]

From Hizbollah to Israeli army: The extraordinary journey of a father and son

– Rabbi Avraham Sinai, once Ibrahim Yassin, spied on the terror group for Israel Times of Israel staff, May 14, 2016  When 120 young Israeli soldiers lined up outside the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on May 12 to receive citations for their distinguished service, leaders lauded and paid tribute to their exceptional personal tales. But few […]

A Dark Page in Current Days

The mildest incident–mild because there was no loss of life–was in October, when Joseph’s ancient tomb in Nablus (the biblical Shechem), was torched by Palestinian-Arab rioters. But there has been heart-rending loss of life in other cases. Four rabbis were among those murdered in recent weeks. Two terrorists fired guns into an ambushed car, killing […]