A special warmth for Jerusalem amid a cauldron of hate

David B. Goldberg, M.A.

Something peculiar is going on. It’s an extraordinary trend I’ve observed in recent months: Support for Israel is growing, at least for now. • Diplomats and government representatives are flocking to Israel. Their eagerness to witness Israel’s scientific advances, high-tech achievements and security expertise in person are evidence of significantly warmer relations. Officially, there is […]

Breaking the Mold: An Arab Soldier in the Israeli Army


– I came to serve my country and my home Mona Liza Abdo is not to be confused with the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting of a smiling girl. This one is an Arab citizen of Israel. Although not obligated to serve in the Israeli army, she chose to become an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) […]

Politically incorrect: A defiant Arab-Christian among Palestinian-Arabs


– I threw stones at Israeli soldiers Mazzen Warra, interviewed on video by Israeli Hananya Naftali, voices an opinion given scant coverage by the news media. In a fashion typical in the Palestinian-Arab community, he speaks confidently and defiantly, without lengthy explanations, about his conversion and resulting feelings about Israel. You are a Palestinian Christian. […]

Jerusalem – A Burdensome Stone

Dr. Herbert Hillel Goldberg

Yes, Jerusalem, God’s earthly residence for over three millennia (Ps. 46:4 [5]; 48:2) and capital city of the Jewish people. For 50 years now it has been a fully reunited city following a partial occupation by Muslims. Jordan (created out of thin air by the British), occupied part of Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967 and […]

Confessions of a Former Pro-Palestinian Activist in Hebron

Daniel Borg

My Palestinian training, non-violence or violence? Before joining the ISM group in Hebron, I had two days of training in Ramallah: How to obstruct the Israeli army; How to walk in a neighborhood and alert the coordinators about movements of incoming Israel Defense Forces patrols; When to show your presence to the military so they don’t […]

Unmasking the thugs of the world

David B. Goldberg, M.A.

– Evangelical Christian, former terrorist, exposes the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been blunt in naming the enemies of Israel. To the news media, at the United Nations and at every public forum, he has employed a frank strategy of identifying those inciting and funding terrorism and acquiring weapons of mass destruction. This […]

The Midrash* on the Mount

Gabriel A. Goldberg, M.A.

– Was Jesus at odds with the rabbis? Gabriel A. Goldberg, M.A. Too often, the Sermon on the Mount has been interpreted by Christian commentators as a lesson on the superiority of Jesus’ teachings over those of the rabbis, of the Law of Christ over the Law of Moses. Or, more bluntly, of Christianity over […]

A Letter to the Editor

David B. Goldberg, M.A.

On one subject the world is united: Pressuring Israel to give up land (which was conquered in a war begun by her enemies) in order to create a never-before-seen terrorist entity. Pointing out the world’s hypocrisy, a liberal Israeli reader wrote to The Jerusalem Post:     Preconditions Although I am willing to accept a […]

Men are better than women

David B. Goldberg, M.A.

– According to Islam, a woman is her husband’s prisoner and must obey him Imam Muhammad Sayyed Adly, Director, Islamic Center of South Carolina, USA In a Friday sermon delivered in Columbia, South Carolina, on August 11, 2017, Egyptian-American cleric Muhammad Sayyed Adly said the man owns the woman and women should be “as prisoners in […]

Arabs defending Israel

David B. Goldberg, M.A.

A tsunami of people are siding with Israel. Not just Israelis, Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians, but Muslim Arabs, too. Yael Eckstein writes (The Jerusalem Post, October 3, 2017) that she went to the mourning tent of an Arab-Israeli family in the village of Abu Ghosh west of Jerusalem. Suheir Ottman’s son, Youssef, a security […]