A collection of (mostly) good news stories from Israel

Compassion for the sick, Israeli style What does a doctor do when his patient in a hospital bed is hiding what appears to be a bomb? In Israel, you just continue working as usual. That is what happened when Dr. Eitan Zeidman of Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon was treating a terrorist who was shot […]

Why the Jews?

The Jews are the chosen people, have their own land, are successful in all walks of life. But anti-Semitism is growing, is normal again. The internet is rife with examples. Israel is held to a higher standard than other nations. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and dozens of other nations make a mockery of human rights, […]

And again there was fire

It is two years since we were caught by surprise by a forest fire in our neighborhood, but spared by a sudden headwind that protected us. On June 27 it happened again, right next to our headquarters in Jerusalem. Along the ground, the grass burned right up to the walls of our yard, and the […]

“Israel has advanced – and the Arabs have been left behind”

Reda Abd Al-Salam, former governor of Egypt’s Al-Sharqiya province, today a lecturer at Mansoura University in Egypt, makes an impassioned plea to his fellow Arabs. Angrily, he praises Israel’s success in health, science, technology and democracy. We know Israel’s success is God’s blessing! He bemoans the Arab world being left behind, however, mired in strife, […]

The unreported story about the Palestinians

No leader across the free world wants to be accused of having Nazi sympathies. In the Muslim world, however, it is often worn as a badge of honor. The Russian forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and other racist, virulently anti-Jewish writings are annual best-sellers across the Muslim Middle East, […]

A Christian schoolteacher in Germany refuses to be silent

Millions of sincere Christians are praying for the Jewish people worldwide and for God’s protection of Israelis in the face of terrorism. Herbert Nowitzky, a retired Christian schoolteacher in Germany, has gone a step further. Troubled by the rampant growth of anti-Semitism across Europe (and in Germany in particular), and the unique, fawning relationship between […]

Whoever hits you on the right cheek…

In the Sermon on the Mount, why did Jesus refer to the right cheek (Mt. 5:39)? He could have said left cheek or not have specified any cheek at all. Was this an arbitrary choice or was it deliberate? Imagine someone standing before you preparing to hit you. Whether with an open-handed slap or a […]

The 70-Years’ Miracle

Israel’s rebirth as a state on its own land after 2,000 years is a 70-years’ miracle. The Prophet Isaiah said it over 2,800 years ago: “Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? Or shall a nation be born at once? […]

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world

The 1963 movie by that name was an epic, 210-minutes-long madcap comedy hit featuring dozens of Hollywood stars. But that celluloid extravaganza was nothing compared with what we are witnessing in real life today, for the world truly has gone mad. Consider the Anne Frank story. The Jewish schoolgirl fled the Nazis and hid in […]

The Midrash* on the Mount, Part 2

In our last edition, we discussed the Sermon on the Mount. There, Jesus explicitly taught faithful observance of the Torah or Law and emphasized its lasting status by referring to a rabbinic homily about the “jot” and “tittle.” We will now deal broadly with the six contrasting statements Jesus made in the same Sermon. Each […]