Balaam then and now

The story of Balak and Balaam in the Book of Numbers is a most unusual one, and not just because it involves a talking donkey. Numbers is about the history of the Children of Israel and religious instructions they received during the wanderings from Mount Sinai to the Promised Land. One episode, however, taking up […]

What’s in a name?

The charge heard most against Israel is some version of “Israel is a colonial power occupying the land of others.” Those are code words. Use them and instantly sympathy is garnered for the underdog. In the case of Israel, the Palestinian-Arabs are the presumed victims, a persecuted minority oppressed by imperialist Israel. Indeed, Israel is […]

Israel chosen to serve others

Following are just a few of the fundamental aspects of Israel’s efforts to assist people worldwide. Every person on earth should be thankful for something he or she received through the Jewish people. Due to shortsighted understanding among the nations, however, Israel’s being chosen has led to envy rather than gratitude. From ancient times, the […]

Crocodile tears for slain kinsmen

The inconsistency is glaring. In Ramallah, the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority, propagandists work day and night to portray Israel as evil occupiers oppressing millions of helpless Palestinians. But has anyone heard PA President Mahmoud Abbas condemn the Syrians, Russians or Iranians for killing 3,840 Palestinians? That is the number of dead in Syria since […]

Palestinian plot for peace?

Since the establishment of the modern State of Israel on May 14, 1948, Israel has indicated a consistent readiness for peace. Decades ago, Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said famously, “We want to meet our Arab neighbors on the football field, not the battlefield.” Rather than moving closer towards any resolution, however, it seems the […]

A collection of (mostly) good news stories from Israel

Compassion for the sick, Israeli style What does a doctor do when his patient in a hospital bed is hiding what appears to be a bomb? In Israel, you just continue working as usual. That is what happened when Dr. Eitan Zeidman of Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon was treating a terrorist who was shot […]

Why the Jews?

The Jews are the chosen people, have their own land, are successful in all walks of life. But anti-Semitism is growing, is normal again. The internet is rife with examples. Israel is held to a higher standard than other nations. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and dozens of other nations make a mockery of human rights, […]

And again there was fire

It is two years since we were caught by surprise by a forest fire in our neighborhood, but spared by a sudden headwind that protected us. On June 27 it happened again, right next to our headquarters in Jerusalem. Along the ground, the grass burned right up to the walls of our yard, and the […]

“Israel has advanced – and the Arabs have been left behind”

Reda Abd Al-Salam, former governor of Egypt’s Al-Sharqiya province, today a lecturer at Mansoura University in Egypt, makes an impassioned plea to his fellow Arabs. Angrily, he praises Israel’s success in health, science, technology and democracy. We know Israel’s success is God’s blessing! He bemoans the Arab world being left behind, however, mired in strife, […]

The unreported story about the Palestinians

No leader across the free world wants to be accused of having Nazi sympathies. In the Muslim world, however, it is often worn as a badge of honor. The Russian forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and other racist, virulently anti-Jewish writings are annual best-sellers across the Muslim Middle East, […]