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The New World in which we now live

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isai. 5:20). In the spectrum of claims, counterclaims and outright lies regarding the war in Gaza, truth has become the first victim. Some things, however, we can say with certainty:

· Hamas has zero interest in the lives of Gazans. Its primary interest is the eradication of the Jewish state and the establishment of an Islamic tyranny in its place.

· Israel has verifiably taken more care to protect Gazan civilians than any modern army. The civilian-soldier death ratio is the lowest of any modern war. Even the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry admitted on April 6 its casualty numbers were unreliable, based mostly on “media reports.”

· Israel has gone to extreme efforts to release free food-and-supplies shipments. UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) and other groups lead the distribution, but all are “protected” by Hamas. Three-quarters of the aid ends up in Hamas’ hands. They, in turn, are selling food to the public at extortionary 1,000% markup prices. Corrupt tribal clans of Gaza are also involved.

· The International Red Cross has had no contact with the 133 hostages in Gaza, yet leaves Hamas unjudged. Instead, it condemns Israel and raises funds to help Gazans.

· In Gaza, 70 percent of voters support Hamas today, while others are mostly afraid to speak out.

· No one (e.g. the Palestinian Authority), wants to rule Gaza on “The Day After” unless Hamas is completely destroyed first.

· Israel is fighting a war on seven fronts: Gaza, Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and behind it all, Iran. Only a tenth of Iranians are hardliner Muslims, who will die for their cause of bringing the world under subjection to Shiite Islam, but because they have the guns, they control all national decisions.

· From 1978 until April 12 this year, Iran only used proxies to fight Israel, while claiming “plausible deniability” of any involvement. The world rightly marveled that 99 percent of the Iranian missiles fired at Israel on April 13 never reached their target. But what if one of the rockets that did get through Israel’s defenses had had a biological or chemical agent loaded into its warhead, or worse, had a nuclear warhead? Syria used chemical agents on its own citizens a few years ago. Why wouldn’t Iran have them too? And how long until it has a nuclear bomb?

· The American strategy is to still save the Iran nuclear deal by appeasement. The Biden administration is giving the Iranians $1 billion a month in sanctions waivers. Some of that money buys weapons for Hamas, Hizbullah, the Houthis and other groups targeting Israel.

· The Americans are perceived as weak and sycophantic, caving to Hamas’ and Iran’s demands, even more so in the final months before the US presidential election. This is a green light for tyrannies around the world to act now.

· Worldwide demonstrations against Israel and praising Hamas’ massacre of Israelis began on October 7, before Israel had even begun fighting back against the terrorists.

Israeli Maya Platek, Columbia University student president

· University demonstrations at 100 campuses across the USA did not occur spontaneously. They were funded by pro-Hamas and left-wing agitator organizations. The machine-printed posters, $500-tents, masks, group demands and methods were identical. Some demonstrators (barely half are actual students) had months of protestor-training from professional organizers.

· Chants and placards calling for a “Final Solution”, “A thousand times October 7,” “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free” (a favorite since the 1960s), and “Globalize intifada” reflect a desire for violence, not peace. These aren’t anti-Vietnam-War peaceniks. They are openly pro-Hamas (pro-rape? pro-beheading? pro-live burnings?) and virulently anti-Semitic. “Zionists shouldn’t be allowed to live,” said the leader of the protestors at Columbia University in New York.

· Make no mistake, the protests are against all Jews. At Columbia, Jewish students have been blocked from campus, and Jewish professors have been blocked at the University of Toronto, Canada.

· Ironically, on April 26, Maya Platek, 23, an Israeli who defends Israel proudly and served in its army, was elected student president at Columbia (The Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2024). Reason prevailed against the folly of the mob.