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Israel is attacked by Iran and Israel responds

– Rev. Hans-Joachim Heil reveals the spiritual significance

On the night of April 13-14, Iran attacked Israel directly for the first time, assisted by Houthi terrorists in Yemen, Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon, and accomplices in Iraq and Syria. It fired 120 drones, 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles timed to arrive in Israel at the same time in order to overwhelm Israel’s defense systems.

In fact, half the rockets never left Iranian airspace before they crashed or were shot down. Israel neutralized the remaining rockets assisted by France, Great Britain and the USA, and relying on intelligence data from Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Only a handful of the missiles landed on Israeli territory, causing negligible damage.

Israel replied with a single, successful attack on Iran on April 19, destroying a Russian missile-installation adjacent to Iran’s nuclear site in Isfahan.

Following is an e-mail exchange with the prolific author and German Lutheran Pastor Hans-Joachim Heil about the spiritual significance of these events.


HJH: Israel is clever tactically. Its moderate response with a warning signal earned it the admiration and support of its secret Arab friends (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.). They are all just as threatened by Iran, both militarily and by the embedding of terror cells. It reminds me of the saying of [former US President] Theodore Roosevelt: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Israel has this wisdom.

We pray unceasingly for the victory of God and Israel–and for the peace that will follow.

Ed: Yes, I agree. Israel has already suffered for a long time under extreme circumstances and yet, still doesn’t give up.

The Roosevelt quote is very apt. As a small country, Israel has neither the time nor the ammunition for a long war like the current one. What’s worse is that Israel needs another year to completely clean up Gaza.

Our reliable secret weapon is God’s help. Israelis are smart, but they are human and make mistakes. It’s good that the Almighty is with us.

HJH: God has especially called the weak and small because they can never rely on their own strength, rather only on God’s help.

David was the youngest and least suitable when Samuel sought the future king. Moses had “a heavy tongue,” so he needed his brother Aaron. Jeremiah thought himself too young, but God thought that was okay and chose him.

Yes, Israel is weak and small–from a human perspective. But it is called! It is even the firstborn son of God (Ex. 4:22). Isaiah 54:17 says, “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper….” When David faced Goliath, he only had a slingshot and five stones. Gideon even had to reduce the size of his army (Jud. 7) so that the glory would go to God alone.

What is important is not military strength and armaments, but God’s help. In every war, Israel was overwhelmed by the superior strength of its enemies. But the Most High has always intervened and wrought victory. This will also be the case now. The immense divine protection during the missile attack from Iran was very clear: 99.2% interception rate! God guided the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] and helpful friends to defeat Iran and protect little Israel.

Whoever has such a wonderful God cannot be defeated.

Ed: Those are inspiring words, which Israel should hear often. Israel is the proof that God keeps His Word.

HJH: “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…through the rivers, they will not wash you away; and when you walk through the fire, you will not be singed, neither will the flame burn you” (Isai. 43:2).

God does not promise His people a life without danger. But he assures him that HE will be there. There will be floods and there will be fire (war). But God’s people will not perish. It will be oppressed. But their Savior is there and will end the oppression.

He is the “Holy One of Israel, your Savior” (43:3). Israel has never had an easy life, neither in its land nor in its dispersion. It was always persecuted and oppressed. Neither the Church nor Hitler could eradicate the people of God. In defiance, Eretz Yisrael [the land of Israel] came into being [as a state] in 1948. The nations and their governments are brought to shame.

But God’s chosen people remain and thrive. The current, difficult test will also pass. Israel will become stronger afterwards. God is not absent, as it seemed in the concentration camps. Rather, God is present and intervenes for His people. “He that touches you touches the apple of His eye” (Zech. 2:8 [12]).

Ed: Even God’s promises are blessings for Israel. Despite impossible circumstances throughout Jewish history, God has always saved His people, a remnant for the next generation and a testimony for eternity.

HJH: That’s exactly right. God’s actions toward Israel are an example of His unwavering goodness and love. A father can never give up on his child. He will come to the rescue again and again and save his child. This has been seen over the last millennia and will continue to be true. Israel is and remains chosen!

HaGoyim [the nations] come and attack and fight. Their real goal is to dethrone and demystify God. They want to steal Israel’s right of inheritance and take its place (substitution theology). But it does not work. God is above them all and laughs at them. God chose Israel and no one else. The other nations can share in salvation if they bow to the God of Israel and keep His Torah [teaching].

Instruction will go out from Zion–not from Rome or any other place! The spiritual and the earthly Jerusalem is our pivot point.

Since the exodus from Egypt there have been continual deliverances by God. His care and help for His beloved people will never cease. There will always be enemies. But they will be defeated again and again. For no one can prevail against God.

Ed: Yes, I believe that. My deepest thanks!