For the sake of peace, shouldn’t Israel allow a Palestinian state?

It is often asked by someone not familiar with details of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “Why all the war and suffering? Israel can’t expel millions of people. For the sake of peace, why doesn’t Israel just allow its Arabs to have a state of their own?” On the face of it, these are innocent questions, but […]

Three women and a man comment on women’s rights in the Muslim world

Certainly, the views expressed below are not those of every Muslim, nor are they pleasant to report. However, the fact they are aired and discussed so widely still today is evidence of their pervasiveness and that they are not just fringe beliefs. Indeed, with the rapid spread of Islam across Europe and elsewhere, they should […]

Unintended consequences

Personally, one of the positive results of coronavirus-based social distancing and limited indoor meetings since last April has been the opportunity to spend time outside. Seated in a friend’s shady and leafy garden in Jerusalem several times a week for prayer services, I have enjoyed the scents of fruit trees and the melodic chirps and […]

“Never again!”

The foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, penned these familiar words in the guest book of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin on October 6. The visit to the German memorial had been proposed by the senior UAE diplomat himself. Accompanied by Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi for meetings, they […]

What are Israel’s Arab neighbors saying?

Iraqi political commentator Hassan Al-’Alawi: “[Iraq] wants peace with Israel. Today’s Iraq is a country that leans towards peace….Even normalization.” September 26, 2020, Asia TV (Iraq) Claudine Aoun-Roukoz, daughter and special advisor of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, wife of former Lebanese army Brigadier-General Chamel Roukoz MP: “Who among us does not support the principle of […]

Unhitching from Jewish roots?

A major stir among evangelicals occurred when American Pastor Andy Stanley of Northpoint Church in Atlanta suggested during a broadcast sermon that Christians need to “unhitch” (disconnect) from the Jewish Scriptures as Paul, Peter and James had done. He expanded that they unhitched the church from the worldview, value system and regulations of the Jewish […]

Arabs are fed up with the Palestinians

Steps towards peace with Israel have been taken by numerous Muslim nations. Their number and impact is growing rapidly. Euphoria is perceptible. Islam scholar Dr. Daniel Pipes goes so far as to declare the “Palestinian-Israeli conflict is over” (Middle East Forum, September 7, 2020). We are realists and will concede to the skeptics that this […]

Good news vignettes to inspire those who love Israel

Jerusalem’s multi-generational families In an unbroken line since Bible days, Jews have had a direct connection to their land and its capital, Jerusalem. Even during their Dispersion, a remnant remained in the Holy Land. The popular contrary view is that the Jews invaded, from Europe and elsewhere, and stole land from Palestinian Arabs. History tells […]

The time has come

“Therefore, behold, days are coming, says the LORD, when they shall no more say, ‘The LORD lives, Who brought the Children of Israel up from the land of Egypt,’ but rather, ‘The LORD lives, Who brought up and brought back the seed of the House of Israel from the land of the north and from […]

Perilous times echo a new age

In the game of chess, the white piece is moved first. Is that racist? Some weeks ago, a radio reporter in Australia tried interviewing John Adams of the Chess Federation. The reporter suggested chess is racist and wanted to know if Adams believed the game rules should be changed. Adams, an economist, refused the interview, […]