A Modest Request

Israel is a tiny miracle-nation. Its 9.1 million citizens have in a mere 71 years rebuilt their country into a thriving technological powerhouse at the vanguard of scientific, medical, agri-tech, bio-tech research, the envy of other states. It is generous to nations and people in need, saving thousands of lives each year.

Although 2,000 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza in the past year, and Iranian neighbors threaten annihilation daily, and our generals warn of imminent war, the Keeper of Israel is our strength.

There are, however, hundreds of thousands of children, women and men in Israel who go to bed hungry each night, who cannot afford medicine or new clothes. Despite well-developed government-aid programs, funds fall short.

Please consider a special gift, blessing Israel to help those in need. They are Holocaust survivors, elderly, victims of terror, refugees from poverty-stricken lands.

Your gift of love will bring hope to the lonely, hurting and helpless (every case verified). God will reward you bountifully for your generosity.

We wish our friends a joyous Christmas, a light-filled Chanukkah and a blessed New Year.

–The Goldberg Family