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What are Israel’s Arab neighbors saying?

(Transl. by Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI)

Iraqi political commentator Hassan Al-’Alawi:
“[Iraq] wants peace with Israel. Today’s Iraq is a country that leans towards peace….Even normalization.”

September 26, 2020, Asia TV (Iraq)

Claudine Aoun-Roukoz, daughter and special advisor of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, wife of former Lebanese army Brigadier-General Chamel Roukoz MP:
“Who among us does not support the principle of peace? I would like to go to Jerusalem. I definitely want to go to Jerusalem. We all do.”

September 20, 2020, OTV (Lebanon)

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, deputy chairman of the Sovereign Council in Sudan:
“We are tired, okay? We are tired….[Even] the clerics…said they have no objection to establishing relations with Israel….Israel is a developed country and the whole world cooperates with it….In terms of technology and agriculture, we need Israel. Honestly, Israel did not harm us and we are not afraid of it.”

October 2, 2020, Sudania 24 TV (Sudan)

On October 15, the ruling Sudanese Sovereignty Council voted to pursue normalizing ties with Israel.

October 15, 2020, i24News

Abdullah Mohtadi, the secretary-general of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan:
“We want [the] Iran of the future to have peace…with its neighbors, whether Arabs or Israelis. We do not want to destroy Israel. What is wrong with that? Do you want us to be enemies of Israel?….As Kurds and as Iranians, we want….to have good relations…with Israel….We do not want our country to voice slogans about the destruction of Israel….We want peace and good neighborly relations.”

September 20, 2020, BBC Arabic (UK)

Lebanese Rami Naim, journalist and publisher of Lebanese news site
“[The October 1 border negotiations] marked a new phase….Today, we have relations with and we recognize a state that we used to consider as an enemy….[Parliament Speaker Nabih] Berri speaks on behalf of the Shiite duo [Amal and Hizbullah], and not just on behalf of the Amal Movement….There is no longer an existential war with Israel. Israel’s statehood was accepted [by Lebanon]….This means there will be no resistance from now on….Okay, we may be the last country to sign peace and normalization accords, but yesterday we declared we are ready.”

October 2, 2020, MTV (Lebanon)

Saudi journalist, Fahd Ibrahim Al-Dughaither:
“After the signing of the peace and normalization agreement between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain, we have begun to see…a new future, different from the past 70 years: a future that contains some hope of coexistence, development, constructive competition and the avoidance of war and military conflicts.”

September 14, 2020, Okaz (Saudi Arabia)