Unmasking the thugs of the world

– Evangelical Christian, former terrorist, exposes the Palestinian Authority

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been blunt in naming the enemies of Israel.

To the news media, at the United Nations and at every public forum, he has employed a frank strategy of identifying those inciting and funding terrorism and acquiring weapons of mass destruction. This applies be it the Iranian regime, the Hizbullah terrorists of Lebanon, or the Palestinian Authority oppressors.

In contrast, brazenness has been a tactic of Muslim and Arab states and despotic, dictatorial regimes who have, for decades, used every opportunity, and at the United Nations in particular, to condemn and vilify Israel in unison for every invented crime. For example, on September 25, the usual gang of rogues at the UN Human Rights Council alleged:

Palestine Liberation Organization: Israel, the occupying power, continues with its colonial policy and its daily violations. It continues to abuse, to arbitrarily detain, to carry out ethnic cleansing, steal land and natural resources, uproot trees, steal money.
Syria: Israeli activity to Judaize Jerusalem, demolition of homes, confiscation of land and property, spoiling of natural resources….
Qatar: Racist violations perpetrated by Israel….
North Korea: Israel continues to commit human rights violations in Palestine.
Pakistan: Israel, the occupying power, is advancing in its efforts of mass colonization and continued apartheid. Put an end to this colonialist regime.
Venezuela: Apartheid, atrocities, and massive destruction inflicted on the Palestinian people….
Iran: War crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and state terror….

These voices have been disputed by various high-profile Muslims and former Muslims (now Christian), who have been outspoken in condemning the nations’ hypocritical treatment of Israel, and in exposing Muslim anti-Semitism.

None has gone as far as Mosab Hassan Yousef. In scathing comments made at the same UN Human Rights Council session, the 39-year-old Yousef denounced the Palestinian Authority as a fraudulent, tyrannical regime not representing the people and accused it of using Israel as a scapegoat for its own human rights violations.

The PLO-PA members sitting in the Council chamber were horror-struck. The video of the comments, with English subtitles, can be seen here: .

Such accusations cannot be made nonchalantly. Societies governed by Muslim values and sharia law, and dictatorships, are intolerant. Yousef has received threats on his life and requires guard protection.

From an early age, Yousef was exposed to the methods and horrors of Hamas. His father was one of the founders of the terror organization, whose goal is the annihilation of Israel. Arrested and jailed in Israel numerous times, the son ultimately changed direction, even spying for Israel for 10 years, saying he wanted to save lives from terror rather than be an accomplice to destroying lives.

In 1999, he converted and became a Christian. He sought asylum in the United States in 2007 and now lives in Southern California. In 2010, he published Son of Hamas, his autobiography and testimony, a hair-raising account of “terror, betrayal, political intrigue and unthinkable choices.”

– Ed.
Statement by United Nations Watch
36th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, September 25, 2017
Delivered by Mosab Hassan Yousef

Thank you, Mr. President.

I take the floor on behalf of UN Watch.

My name is Mosab Hassan Yousef. I grew up in Ramallah as a member of Hamas.

I address my words to the Palestinian Authority, which claims to be the “sole legitimate representative” of the Palestinian people.

• I ask: Where does your legitimacy come from? The Palestinian people did not elect you, and they did not appoint you to represent them. You are self-appointed.

• Your accountability is not to your own people. This is evidenced by your total violation of their human rights. In fact, the Palestinian individual and their human development is the least of your concerns.

• You kidnap Palestinian students from campus and torture them in your jails. You torture your political rivals. The suffering of the Palestinian people is the outcome of your selfish political interests. You are the greatest enemy of the Palestinian people.

• If Israel did not exist, you would have no one to blame. Take responsibility for the outcome of your own actions. You fan the flames of conflict to maintain your abusive power.

• Finally, you use this platform to mislead the international community, and to mislead Palestinian society to believe that Israel is responsible for the problems you create.

Thank you.