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The miracle of genocide

It is an ancient truth that the first casualty of war is truth itself. Propaganda and disinformation are rampant. For decades, and particularly since last October 7, Israel has been accused of committing genocide in Gaza.

But here’s the catch: The occupants of Gaza are the only supposed victims of extermination in history whose population jumped 617 percent in 50 years, from 340 thousand to 2.1 million since 1970. That’s far from genocide, that’s a miracle! Except for Venezuela, Gaza’s population growth rate of 1.99 percent is higher than any nation in the Americas, Australasia and Europe.

There has been a genocide in the Middle East, however. When the modern State of Israel was established on May 14, 1948, Jews living in Arab lands were variously persecuted, slaughtered or driven out by their Muslim rulers. No government has ever offered the survivors any apology or restitution.