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Prayer for Israel is the first step. Now what?

– Some Christian responses to Hamas and worldwide anti-Semitism

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, numerous party heads, senior politicians and two hundred members of parliament wearing a kippa (Jewish head-covering) join in a solidarity march against anti-Semitism, Stockholm, December 6, 2023._

The news media are flooded with reports about hysterical demonstrations around the world, often violent, condemning Israel.

It doesn’t end there. As we have often said, it’s always been the mere existence of Jews that is loathsome to some people. Amid swastikas in front of the White House in Washington and cries of “Gas the Jews” in Melbourne, Australia, and the widespread ripping down of posters with pictures of hostage babies in Gaza, one thing is undeniable: It’s in the open and now we know. It is clear who the true friends of the Jews are (and who has been faking it).

Reminded of events of the Third Reich, the world reacted with shock. What happened to the watchword of 1945, “Never again”? We received hundreds of messages from Bible-believing Christians encouraging us and assuring us of their prayers.

Mrs. R. from a village near Rotterdam wrote to say that 150 Dutch Christians were meeting every two weeks to pray for Israel, for the release of the hostages, for wisdom among the leaders of the IDF and the government, for healing of trauma and physical injuries, for comfort to those in mourning and for those whose loved ones are engaged in battle. She assured us God’s ancient promises would be fulfilled.

Others wrote about their actions in communities across Europe:

ˑ Mr. J. near Hamburg wrote that his entire church and various German Pentecostal churches in the region were going into the streets singing, putting up posters, and telling the truth about Israel and the horrible actions of October 7 last year.

ˑ Mrs. L. from Wales wrote and reported about two pro-Israel demonstrations in London a week apart. A hundred thousand British Christians and Jews participated in each, receiving broad news media coverage–a bold testimony of comfort indeed.

ˑ Mrs. S. wrote from Stockholm and shared about the kippa walk, similar to such demonstrations in many Scandinavian cities, where non-Jewish men wore the Jewish head covering as a sign of solidarity with Jews in Israel and abroad.

Still others went a step further and donated funds to support the 200,000 Israelis needing food and shelter, who were evacuated from the borders.

We received a message from Pastor R. in Odense, Denmark, who wrote: “I am glad we can be a little help for you and the Jewish people. We as gentiles have an obligation towards Israel, for the Bible says, ‘Salvation is from the Jews’ (Jn. 4:22). And Paul says: ‘The people of Israel: Theirs are the Covenants, the receiving of the Law, the Temple worship and the promises. Theirs are the patriarchs, and from them is traced the human ancestry of the Messiah, who is God over all, forever praised!’ (Rom. 9:4-5).”

Others took action on a very different level.

German Pastor Hansjürgen Kitzinger in Nuremberg hung the Israeli flag from the church balcony and wrote to the local newspaper regarding a December 16 editorial about Hamas ideology:

“Your article clearly states the goal of Hamas ideology: The extermination of Israel. The Hamas Charter, however, demands more: [Ultimately,] every Jew in the world must be killed (Article 7). In Article 31 there is this formulation: ‘Under Islam, and only under Islam, can the adherents of the three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, live together in peace and security.’ The Charter demands the total submission of all people under Islam. This document is largely unknown and is unfortunately rarely cited in public.

“The ‘two-state solution’ is again being propagated as the solution to the problem. Israel was already willing to do so three times and made offers. With all the billions in funding from the United Nations and the European Union, Hamas could have already built up a thriving state without terror long ago. Instead, the funds were embezzled and used to build a 500 km.-long (300 mi.) tunnel system, and for rockets, etc.

“The vision of a democratic and peace-loving Palestine next to Israel is not feasible in the foreseeable future” (Nürnberger Zeitung, January 4, 2024).

Finally, hundreds of American volunteers have come to Israel to help harvest the overripe fall and winter crops, because there is an acute shortage of farm workers due to the war.

May God bless all these friends of the Jewish people who have prayed and taken action.