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Politically incorrect: A defiant Arab-Christian among Palestinian-Arabs

Mazzen Warra

– I threw stones at Israeli soldiers

Mazzen Warra, interviewed on video by Israeli Hananya Naftali, voices an opinion given scant coverage by the news media. In a fashion typical in the Palestinian-Arab community, he speaks confidently and defiantly, without lengthy explanations, about his conversion and resulting feelings about Israel.

You are a Palestinian Christian. Why do you love Israel? Why do you support this country?

My name is Mazzen. I was born in 1971 in the land of Israel, the city of Ramallah [Palestinian-Arab city northeast of Jerusalem, in the Palestinian Authority today]. I immigrated to America in 1973.

In America, when I was a little child, my mother and father taught me that Israel stole my land, that Israel killed my people, and that Israel was a very evil country.

I also went with college students in America protesting against Israel. I went to the Israeli Embassy shouting, “Death to Israel.”

And I went to the city of Ramallah. I threw stones at Israeli soldiers.

When I received the God of Israel in my heart, the God of Israel gave me love for Israel and the Jewish people.

I also believe that Israel is God’s Chosen People. They are the apple of God’s eye, and if I bless Israel, God will bless me. But if anyone curses Israel, then God will curse them.

How do you feel now? How do you feel being public with your support for Israel as a Palestinian. Isn’t that dangerous?

No, I am not afraid.

God has given me a spirit of boldness to speak up for Israel, to stand up for the nation of Israel, to bless the nation of Israel, and to tell Israel as a Palestinian, “I love you and I do not have any hatred for you.”

Do you believe that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel?

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and Israel has the right to exist!

You understand that not many Palestinians agree with this statement. Many Palestinians say that Jerusalem should be divided. Does Israel care for the Palestinian people in your opinion?

In my opinion, yes, Israel does care for the Palestinian people. Israel does want peace. Israel has extended its hands to [Yassir] Arafat and other leaders for peace, but they have rejected it.

How do you think that we can promote peace?

I believe in reconciliation. Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace, together. I believe also that if the Palestinian people will train and raise up their children in a young age to love Israelis, and to love the Jewish people, then we will see real peace.

But it’s the opposite: A lot of the Palestinians, on the other side, they teach their children that Israel kills Palestinians, Israel is the evil one, Israel stole their land, and this is why these little children come out to be very brainwashed.

The last question I have for you is, What is your message to Palestinians who hate Israel?

They need to stop the hatred, they need to love Israel, they need to acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist, and to acknowledge that Jerusalem will always be the capital of Israel.

For me there is no such thing as Palestine. It’s called the nation of Israel.
(; Excerpted due to space limitations)