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Fifty years and counting

When Dr. Hillel Goldberg and his wife Leah started this work from their basement office in 1972, they wanted to inform people about Bible truths regarding Israel and to correct people’s misconceptions about the Jews. They had no notion of where such a humble beginning would lead.

Half a century later, they can look back with satisfaction on God’s blessings and direction on their efforts.

Today, their home is in Jerusalem, along with their sons and their wives, and 11 grandchildren, all faithful co-workers. The move to Israel was the culmination of a 40-year wilderness trek that began in Germany after surviving the horrors of the Holocaust and included stays in England, Canada and the USA. The details include testimony of persecution, forgiveness, reconciliation and deliverance.

The message reaches a hundred countries by mail and digital formats. Speaking tours are conducted in dozens of countries. TV and radio programs are broadcast on international networks, and even five albums of Jewish music have been recorded.

Personal contact is still foremost. Thousands of people who write all receive personal letters signed by Hillel or Leah in response to their requests, whether for historical facts, spiritual counsel, or to make a donation to help.

Other avenues have developed: For 35 years, we have brought the names of people requesting prayer to the Kotel (the Temple Prayer Wall in Jerusalem), just as Jews and Christians have done for millennia at the place where God would meet His people. We publish portions of letters from people who testify of God answering those prayers (pg. 8).

Knowing first-hand about the suffering of so many needy people here, since 1985 we have been giving financial help to thousands of new immigrants from Eastern Europe and Ethiopia, Holocaust survivors, victims of terror, orphans, widows, the elderly and infirm, every case verified, and funding soup kitchens (pg. 2).

And in recent years, the story of Hillel’s life has been shared in personal meetings with influential people: presidents and prime ministers, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, members of parliament and journalists from numerous European and African nations.

We are grateful. God has blessed. Doors have opened. Many in need have been helped. And you, our readers, have enabled it by your prayers and giving. May you be blessed for heeding His appeal.