Distinguished guests from Berlin

IN JANUARY, German members of parliament visited us and heard Dr. Herbert Hillel Goldberg tell his life story. It was a frank portrayal of Holocaust suffering, God’s protection, and repaying evil with kindness. Also discussed was the future of German-Jewish and German-Israeli relations.
Candid remarks by seven prominent MP’s from the Committee on Health reflected a sincere desire to have Israel as a partner with today’s Germany. Participants in the conversation included Committee Chairman Erwin Rüddel (CDU), Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus (FDP), Dr. Georg Kippels (CDU), Alexander Krauß (CDU), Bettina Müller (SPD), Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmidtke (CDU), Prof. Dr. Andrew Ullmann (FDP), and Sanity Group CEO Finn Age Hänsel. The evening was organized by European Leadership Network CEO David Siegel and Exec. Dir. Carsten Ovens.