Blessings beget blessings

Michael Richard Pence, Vice President of the United States

– A story of God’s faithfulness in high places

Two years ago I received a call from a friend, a newspaper publisher, who invited me to a dinner with the governor of the State of Indiana, who would be visiting Israel for Christmas.

So on December 25, my wife Hadassah and I came to a private banquet room in Israel’s most-famous hotel in Jerusalem, the King David, opened the door, and the governor walked over and welcomed us warmly, saying, “Hi, I’m Mike.”

Then he, his wife and two of his children, plus 14 other guests, sat down for a wonderful feast.

In the course of the evening, the governor told of his love for Israel, of being a devout Evangelical (a former Roman Catholic), and expressed his deep passion for Israel. He explained how his state was blessing Israel with commercial trade worth tens of millions of dollars. He said Israel is a miracle, a country that turned scarcity into plenty.

He assured us that millions of Americans were praying daily for the peace of Israel and said America shouldn’t be a neutral broker in the Middle East, America should be on the side of Israel. These were comments he repeated at public meetings in the following days.

Several of the journalists and diplomats in the room urged him to run for US president in 2016.

Ultimately, he decided not to run for national office, but God still blessed him for blessing Israel and taking a public stand, even in the face of great hostility and criticism in the United States.

Today, Mike Pence is the vice president of the USA. He and his wife Karen are part of a weekly congressional Bible study and he is one of the most influential voices in Washington speaking on behalf of Israel.

Only a few people will ever become the most powerful men and women in the world. However, it is a biblical certainty that God blesses those who bless Israel.