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Arabs on Israel’s side

Amid the massive support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has nationwide (don’t believe the exaggerated reports by the agenda-driven news media about opposition to him) is an overlooked segment of the population: Israel’s Arab citizens. Scores of them, also Druze and Bedouins, were among the victims of Hamas, not only Jews.

Many Arabs are torn because, on the one hand, they condemn the evil actions of Hamas on October 7, but also, many have relatives in Gaza who are suffering. Some, however, have spoken up bravely on the side of the Jewish people. Here are four of them:

Senior army-spokeswoman Major Ella Waweya

Lucy Aharish, 41, a Muslim Arab-Israeli TV anchorwoman, sobbed on CNN ( as she recounted the atrocities committed by Hamas. She regaled news and social media for their “propaganda and the lies that people are spreading” denying the massacre. She begged them to “Stop the lies.” Weeks later, she rejected using the so-called Palestinian “struggle for self-determination” as justification for burning babies and entire families ( and warned: “History will say you knew. You knew and you chose silence.”

Last December, Tamer Masudin, a Bedouin Muslim from the Negev, saw the ruins of the Jewish villages in southern Israel and reacted bluntly: “Hamas is ISIS and must be eradicated.” Yahya Mahamid, who was also there, said he wanted to use his voice in “Arabic to show the world the truth about the massacre that Hamas did here in the kibbutz and to the families. Hamas attacked and killed and raped in the name of religion. Today we are here as Arabs and as proud Israelis, proud of our country, and we’ll stand with it even on these hard days.” (DiploAct)

Also among the Arabs is Major Ella Waweya, 34, senior spokeswoman for the Israeli Army, who has produced hundreds of video reports in Arabic serving as a liaison between the Israel Defense Forces and Arab communities. Ironically, she has inspired many young Arabs to enlist in the Israeli Army, though they are exempt from service.